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  • Do I need a Solicitor to administer the Estate?

    Do I need a Solicitor to administer the Estate?

    It is not essential to instruct Solicitors to administer an estate, but to personally deal with such matters, requires a degree of experience and confidence in managing issues that affect other read more...

  • How we administer the Estate for you

    How we administer the Estate for you

    Our Probate service has been developed to relieve the burden for our clients at what we recognise is a difficult time. When instructed we can provide a full range of services from dealing with read more...

  • Your responsibility as Executor

    Your responsibility as Executor

    A death in the family is a sad and confusing time. If you have been appointed as Executor of the Will, the role carries serious responsibilities and can be complex, time consuming and demanding. read more...

  • When to take Professional Advice

    When to take Professional Advice

    We recommend that Executors/Administrators should seek professional advice and assistance when : the deceased owned property (including a house, flat, land or other buildings) and which was read more...

  • When a Grant may not be needed

    When a Grant may not be needed

    It may be possible to obtain assets in the estate of the deceased without a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration in certain circumstances. In particular: where property is read more...

  • Intestacy


    If part or the whole of the estate is not disposed of by a Will then an intestacy arises. Total intestacy results if there is no Will at all or an invalid Will. Partial intestacy arises when not read more...

  • Deeds of Variation

    Deeds of Variation

    A Deed of Variation allows the beneficiaries of a Will to agree amongst themselves that the Will should effectively be re-written within two years of the death of the person who wrote the Will to read more...

  • Inheritance Tax

    Inheritance Tax

    What is Inheritance Tax? Inheritance Tax is usually paid on an estate when somebody dies. It is payable if your estate, together with Trust assets from which you are entitled to the income, read more...

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