How we charge : Probate

What do Oak Tree Probate Solutions charge for administering an Estate?
We will agree a fee with you for administering the Estate at the outset.  
Subject to receiving from you comprehensive details of the Estate we will provide you with a fixed charge estimate before you decide whether to instruct us.

Our estimate will not change unless details of the estate change.

The fee we agree with you will include :-

  • determining assets and liabilities of the Estate

  • obtaining up to date valuations of assets in the Estate as necessary
  • placing statutory advertisements giving notice to creditors
  • contacting council tax authorities and utility providers as necessary to notify of death and finalise accounts
  • communicating with beneficiaries
  • providing inheritance tax advice as necessary
  • making application for the Grant
  • collecting in the deceased’s assets and savings
  • arranging payment of funeral expenses and other estate liabilities
  • If the estate includes property we will also provide you with a fixed charge for transfer or sale of that property.